Graphic Arts Books of Note

Real World Color Management,
2nd Edition

-Fraser, Murphy, Bunting

Color management can be a foreign and sobering concept. But this book is THE resource for color management, from theory to practical examples. Surprisingly clear--and frequently funny. An instant classic.

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Real World Print Production
-Claudia McCue

Yes, I'm shilling for my own book. It's written for designers and production artists, meant to shed light on the mysteries (and requirements) of printing.

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Pocket Pal
-International Paper

The Pocket Pal was first published by International Paper Company, and it is updated every few years. It’s small, but it’s mighty, including a glossary and great, short explanations of printing processes. You should have a copy in your backpack at all times.

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Before & After:
Volume 2

-John McWade

John McWade makes design and production look so easy. Along with his examples of great design solutions, he explains printing requirements and suggests design approaches that allow you to deal with printing limitations.

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Photoshop LAB Color: The Canyon Conundrum
-Dan Margulis

Dan Margulis is the master of color correction. If you've become comfortable correcting in CMYK and RGB, it's time to follow him into the mysterious realm of LAB.

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Adobe Acrobat 9 PDF Bible
-Ted Padova

Ted's name is almost synonymous with Acrobat and PDF. The thickness of this book hints at the huge spectrum of uses for PDFs—from office to prepress to interactive. Ted is generous with his prodigious knowledge.

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Forms, Folds and Sizes
-Poppy Evans

This small but rich book contains everything from conversion tables to succinct examples and explanations of common (and complex) folding schemes.

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Real World InDesign CS4
-David Blatner, Olav Martin Kvern

From the basics through the arcane, this is the most comprehensive InDesign CS4 reference. And, thanks to David Blatner and Olav Martin Kvern, it's lighthearted even when tackling dense topics.

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The Non-Designer's Scan and Print Book
-Sandee Cohen, Robin Williams

This concise and very readable book is not just about scanning. It’s full of tips about prepress and print production, with many examples to explain the concepts. It's circa 1999, but still full of priceless fundamentals.

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Real World Illustrator CS4
-Mordy Golding

Mordy's site, Design Responsibly, gives you an idea of his very practical approach. He was the product manager for Illustrator 10 and CS, so there's a wealth of information. But it's Mordy's accessible style and engaging illustrations that make this book so valuable.

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