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Training for the Graphic Arts Community

After more than 20 years of providing classroom and onsite training all across the United States, I'm now semi-retired. What's "semi" retirement? It means I'll no longer deliver in-person training or attend industry conferences and events. You'll notice the Blog, Events and Calendar links above no longer work.

I'll still be glad to provide virtual support for past clients that's forever. But my days of being a Road Warrior are over.

It also means I have a new business. I'm still focused on helping individuals improve and better fulfill their personal mission, just in a very different way. If you need to contact me now or any time in the future, that's the place to do it.

Thank you to all my wonderful clients it's been a good run, and I've met some truly lovely people.

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*Practicalia: Practical matters.

It's an old chemistry-lab term for important preparations before an experiment. How does this apply to training and consulting? It means you learn practical skills and create a solid groundwork for real-world work. With fewer explosions.